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ISB 800-3 One Step injection stretch blow molding machine

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Product Description

Along with the increasing requirement to high quality and outlook appearance, the products manufactured by the old style extrusion blowing machine cannot fulfill the customer demand any more, the whole process including moulding injection ,stretch blowing and off -moulding can be finished within one step if using the injection blowing molding machine for manufacturing, the product making machine does not contain any flash ,sprue and much less disfigurement, it can present the perfect looking mouth ,bottom and wedding line as well as the better transparent an higher rigidity ,the injection blowing molding products are thinner than old style ones, which can save 50% material ,besides the merit mentioned above, the one step injection blowing moulding machine perform the higher speed and more efficient energy saving.

Suit for :  food and beverage bottle  for example: jar    can   cruet  etc.
         Cosmetic and detergent bottle  for example : hand washing liquid bottle, shower gel bottle 
         Baby feeding bottle and sport bottle for example: student bottle ,vacuum bottle, 
juice bottle,baba feeding bottle etc.
Pharmacy bottle  for example: medicine bottle, eyedropper bottle, oral liquid bottle etc.
PC bottle and wine goblet    for example: juice jug ,beer jug,milky tea jug, wine jug etc.
         LED bulb housing ,big safety bulb housing ,for example: 30#--80#    80#-300#
         Lotus bulb housing etc.

SIZE: 4.1*1.45*3.30 m

weight : 7T

JASU One Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine Model ISB800-3/ISB800A-3 advantages are as follows:

1. The wheel rotation is driven by electrical servo motor, not hydraulic.
2. Full automatic controlling system, easy operating.
3. The temperature of material barrel and hot runner is controlled accurately by PIT.
4. More cost is saved than traditional machine.
5. Compact structure; less space needed.
6. Injection:
   Hot runner and temperature control device are standard configuration. Only change mold for making a new product;
   Stretch Blow:
   Hydraulic mold clamping, core insert, stretch blow and bottom molding are standard configuration;
   Product Release:
   Equipped with a standard ejector.

Compare Injection Blow Molding to Extrusion Blow Molding

Injection Blow Moulding

Extrusion Blow Molding

No scrap

20-40% scrap during production

Uniform wall thickness

Wall thickness variation

Bottle weight variation of 1%

Bottle weight variation of 3%

Slower cycle time / more cavities

Fast cycle time / less cavities

Thin walls difficult to control

Thick & thin wall capabilities

Hollow Handleware not possible

Hollow Handleware

Necks made with injection molded tolerances

Necks made with blow molded tolerances

One technician per 4-6 machines

One technician per 1-2 machines

Process  is controlled and repeatable with no adjustments

Variable process requiring constant adjustment

Almost no ancillary equipment

Lots of ancillary equipment needed

IB 500-2
1Injection PartScrew Diameter50mm
2Screw L/D Ratio20.5:1
3Screw Speed0-150r/min
4Theoretical Injection Capacity481cm³
5Injection Pressure176Mpa
6Max. Hydraulic Pressure140Kg/cm
7The Actual Injection Quantity452g
9Screw Stroke245mm
10Clamping PartBlow Clamping Force150Kn
11Clamp Tonnage600Kn
12Wheel Diameter800mm
13Max. Height of Bottle400mm
14Open Vertical Mode Trip430mm
15OtherMax. Pump Pressure16Mpa
17Electric Power12.2Kw
18Tank Volume400L


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