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Guangzhou JASU One-step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine Leads the LED

Industry Developing

Nowadays, because of the global energy shortage, “energy saving” is going to be the target in every field. In 2014, by the promoting of policy, decreasing of cost and the sale-forbidden plan of ncandescent light effected, the LED industry gets a new and great opportunity. JASU One-step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine leads the LED Industry Developing by advanced machine, professional mold and workmanship.

Great Opportunity of LED, JASU Leads Progressing
According to the report of China Optical Electronics Association, the output and value of LED industry is rapid increasing by 25% every from 2003. Especially, the ultra bright LED is increasing by 50% every year. In 2013, desk lamp, show case lamp, outdoor lamp, project lamp, indoor lamp and household appliances work lamp  are being replaced by LED. Expert in the LED industry said that there will be 40000000000 RMB value hiding in these opportunities.

As reported, the traditional lamp replaced climax will turn up in 2014. This situation is benefited by the policy of LED allowance. At the same time, there is no big difference of the price between LED lamp and normal one. The sense of environment protecting is another factor for this situation coming up.

Guangzhou JASU One-step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine steps in the forward position of LED industry by advanced machine, professional mold and workmanship. We not only lead the development of LED industry, but also the technology and quality has been improved by us.

JASU, To Be No.1, Client Spread Inland and Aboard
From 2008 to now, we have been devoting to manufacturing of one-step lampshade machine. By many times improved, our technique, machine and mold, have achieved to the top level in LED industry.

Our clients are from all over the world. There are 90% of the factory using our one-step machine to make lampshade in domestic. What’s more, the machine has been exported to Poland, Italy, UK, Turkey and India, etc.

Today, we have built long term business relationship with PHILIPS、OSRAM、GE, the three giant power&light company. Besides, there are many famous companies also cooperating with us, such as, Foshan Lighting, Sanxiong Jiguang, Huizhou Tiansheng, Baikang Photoelectric and Ledicol Photoelectric, etc.

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